Join/Watch the House of Representatives 2017 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference

On Tuesday, June 27, the House of Representatives will host the 2017 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference.

The all-day conference focuses on making Congress more efficient, transparent, and effective, and brings together people from inside the Legislative branch with member of the public to discuss how technology can help ensure Congress works for everyone.

The conference is held at the Capitol Visitor Center, and is free to attend. You can RSVP here or watch the webcast.

On the agenda:

  • Reports on ongoing Congressional technology modernization projects
  • Members of Congress speaking about what should be modernized
  • Mapping the legislative ecosystem
  • What it looks like to bring multiple sources of data together
  • The use of semantic web by national parliaments (an international view)

What I find most valuable about the conference is the people who are there. This is the best opportunity to connect with the people who make Congress work. If you want to use the information they publish, or encourage them to expand/change/modify what they release, this is the place to connect. Technology helps drive the way Congress operates, and improving technology can mean improving Congress.

For a taste of what happens, seen my report from the 2016 conference. Hope to see you there.