Project ideas for the Congressional Hackathon

The fourth Congressional Hackathon will be held on April 6th, and in advance of the proceedings we’ve updated our list of project ideas and resources for the hackathon. The information is published as a Google document, so please feel encouraged to add your own ideas or add content to existing ones.

The ideas, including a summary of the idea, recommendations, and resources, are available here. You can also find a top line summary of the idea below.

  • Dear Colleagues
  • BillMap build-out
  • Update bill-to-text
  • House and Senate Committee proceedings
  • House Committee proceedings
  • Senate committee proceedings
  • Appropriations tracking for spending items
  • Appropriations tracking for committee reports
  • Congress-wide staff directory
  • Congressional Expenditure Reports
  • Improved publication of CRS reports at
  • CRS memos
  • Classify these CRS documents
  • MultiGovernment CRS Reports website
  • Clean up earmarks data
  • Publish RFPs for Congressional entities
  • Identifying when bills are replaced