Meet Civicist

Recently, our friends who run the Personal Democracy Forum, Civic Hall, and the recently retired group blog TechPresident, announced a new project, Civicist. Run by Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej, Civicist is a “hub for news and analysis of the civic tech world.” Since members of the Congressional Data Coalition are all about using legislative data to make Congress more open, accountable, and effective, we are excited to see Andrew and Micah bringing their prodigious energies to telling the very important civic technology stories (including the significant changes at the federal level).

On a personal note, I know some of the writers recruited for Civicist. I am a big fan of Hollie Russon Gilman, Marci Harris, Laurenellen McCann, and David Moore, and am looking forward to hearing more from Erhardt Graeff, Mark Headd, Allyson Kapin, David Karpf, An Xioa Mina, Antonella Napolitano, Matt Stempeck, Anthony Townsend, and Ethan Zuckerman.